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Welcome to the Distressed Crimefighteress Page. Heroines are listed in alphabetical order and thumbnails are included. If the picture is just followed by the heroine's name then clicking it will take you to their individual homepage. If it's accompanied by details about the picture then click the thumbnail for a larger image. Please note that The DC Page's contents are currently spread between 12 free server accounts and with free site bandwidth limits dropping regularly don't expect all the pages to be always available as they may temporarily shut down from exceeding the daily bandwidth allowance. It all depends on how much each site gets visited. This is the mirror site. The main page can be found at


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Big Barda

Black Canary

Black Orchid



The Monitor's sidekick during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, until she killed him while under the control of the Anti-Monitor, Harbringer found herself at a loose end after it was all over. At least until another multi issue crossover series, Millennium. If you don't remember the series that's hardly surprising. It was one of many of its ilk that promised to be as radical as Crisis in shaking up the company's universe yet when all the dust cleared what you had was yet another short lived superteam. In this case the New Guardians who turned out not to be the next wave of evolution after all. But Harbringer hung around with them anyway, survivors of those crossovers had to stick together. The cover's deceptive as the team was disguised as blacks in pre end-of-aparthied South Africa (remember when Afrikkaners were very in as villains?) and in no real danger. Regardless it makes a change to see Harbringer without her helmet for a change.

The Huntress


Jinal ne Comarn

Jinal was the star of The Barren Earth a backup feature in The Warlord that spun off into this miniseries. Set in the distant future when Earth's Sun has become a red giant but the human race is basically unchanged and seems at the same technological level of the 30th century Legion of Superheroes stories Jinal was a diplomat/warrior sent to a long neglected Earth to bring the ancient garrisons there back to combat readiness. The human race was at war with the Qlov and Earth had become strategically important again. Losing her ship to Qlov ambush and her crewmates to the natural hazards of Earth Jinal soon discovered the garrisons had degenerated into barbarism. Undaunted she set about uniting the earth so it could resist the Qlov. In the miniseries she ran into someone else with the same idea. Captured by the barbarian warlord in true pulp fashion she fell for the guy and decided to make him the new ruler of Earth. At the end of the miniseries the cavalry arrived in the form of a human starship. AS DC never bothered continuing the series it's anyone's guess if the Qlov ever showed up, if Jinal stayed with her barbarian or if she abandoned Earth and went home to resume her career.


Besides being the wife of the Omega Men's leader, Primus she was the Queen of Euphorix. Euphorix was one of the few worlds of the Vega solar system to remain free of the Citadel. As you might imagine her royal duties towards her homeworld sometimes clashed with Primus's crusade to free all the Vegan worlds leading to a sometimes rocky marriage. In this case while Primus was away from the Omega Men's base (recovering from injuries and feuding with Tigor over who really ran the group) Kalista intercepted a video of the Citadel breaking Euphorix's forceshield. Taking as many troops as would follow (which wasn't many as Euphorix's sitting out the Citadel War as a neutral didn't endear them to the rebels) she headed off to do what she could to stop the invasion. It turned out to be a trap to lure her into the clutches of a pair of bounty hunters. If the guy on the bike looks familiar it's because this issue was the DC debut of the "Main Man", Lobo. Though at this stage of his career he favoured orange and purple tights over the biker gear he'd wear later. He also had a different name for his species and homeworld but let's just blame one more change on Crisis on Infinite Earths. More importantly during these early days Lobo used his brain rather than brute force to defeat Kalista's hex power. Having killed her crew Lobo and his partner Bedlam took Kalista to the Citadel where she found out Euphorix was still safe but they were going to steal her memories so they could find the key to the forceshield. She was saved in the nick of time before the form-stealing Greeshaught could assimilate her and reunited with her regent, a man she would subsequently have an affair with. Eventually, after a prolonged separation, she was reconciled with Primus and they started a family. Unfortunately she was later widowed during the Invasion mini series. As to her current whereabouts I have no idea. If you have any information then drop me a line.

Legion of Superheroes

Lois Lane


Lia (Emily) Briggs joined The Outsiders shortly after they split with Batman and got their own book. The heir to an underground Kingdom (not in Skartaris BTW) she gains both her looks and her powers when the Abyssians come looking for their lost princess. Her powers being telepathically based she was an effective fighter against human opponents but didn't do so well against machines such as the robotic Duke of Oil (ugh!) pictured here.

Mariah Romanova


A fairly brief and obscure heroine Moonbow made her debut in Fury of Firestorm 43. Her real name was Brittany Brandon, a classmate of Ron Raymond (aka half the Firestorm gestalt) and a young woman facing a boring life as head of her family's corporation. Looking for excitement she decided to play vigilante and succeeding in pissing off two of Pittsburg's crime families and the police department. Her attempt to play Robin Hood by robbing one of the Dons got her a bullet in the arm and made her the star attraction at a pool party. Brittany soon found herself in over her head, fortunately Firestorm arrived in time to rescue her. As her facepaint had washed off Firestorm recognized her and let her go figuring she wouldn't be causing trouble until her arm healed. Brittany did a bit better than that and retired her costumed identity having had more than enough excitement. She hung around as part of the supporting cast but far as I know never picked up a bow again.

Poison Ivy

Power Girl






Wonder Girl

Wonder Woman (Golden Age)

Wonder Woman (Silver and Bronze Age)


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